february twentieth, two-thousand and fourteen

Hi guys! Much to my surprise, I am in the running for the City Pages best music photographer. Check out the profiles of the other amazingly talented folks in this city and consider voting for me or another candidate. What an honor.

vote HERE if you're interested.

Here are the photos I submitted for the contest:

january eleventh, two-thousand and fourteen

happy new year everyone! Here is a cute picture of a baby! Have a new addition to your family? contact me for a quote!

november ninth, two-thousand and thirteen

As wedding season officially ends, I would like to thank all of the couples and their families for bringing me in to help celebrate such an important day.

Before we are covered in snow for the next half year, here are some of my favorite moments from the most recent weddings I had the chance to photograph

In the two months since my last post, I...

-welcomed a new camera into my family:

-was victim to a random burglary--which I thankfully was not injured in

-and said goodbye to a lifelong friend

Besides weddings, I was lucky enough to photograph Minneapolis-based musician Claire de Lune. She will be debuting some new material under the name tiny deaths in months to come! Here is a teaser:

And also über talented yoga instructor Kristy Hanson

I'll end this with a beautiful song by a classic. He needs no introduction. Enjoy!

happy fall folks!

september tenth, two-thousand and thirteen

this, and a couple other reactions to the calf birth at the Minnesota State Fair over at my photoblog

Also, I recently hung a selection of photos at The Nicollet, a coffee shop on the corner of Nicollet and Franklin in Minneapolis. The photos will be up for a month and are for sale.

Weddings are in full force, and October will be as busy as ever. Stay 'tooned if you're the kind of person who binges out on wedding photography at four AM while hugging a tub of Ben and Jerry's (like me).

And, as a tribute to new life changes, here is a song from the great new record (go buy it!) by the dudes from Volcano Choir. Get Repaved!

august eighth, two-thousand and thirteen

So, this happened on Monday. Happy NYT debut!

june sixth, two-thousand and thirteen

It's been far too long. Between this and the last post, the following has transpired:
-a move to minneapolis
-a couple of new jobs
-reworking my bike muscle memory
-urban adventures
-and no free time

in the next couple of months, however, tons of stuff will be happening. Here are a couple of hints:
-a kickstarter
-more frequent photo blog posts
-weddings! photoshoots!
-more bubbles
-more urban adventures
-a gallery show

Instead of giving you an annoyingly long play-by-play of everything that has happened in the last two months, I'll share a super special highlight. Last month, I attended an amazing concert in a finished warehouse, as part of the band Califone's "living room" tour. Anyone who knows me knows that Califone is my favorite band, and I was honored to be able to photograph of Tim Rutili, the groups frontman.

In other news, two weeks ago I helped put together a benefit for my friend Erik Hess, an amazing concert photographer. He struggles with a complicated auto-immune disorder that has left him with some serious debt. We were able to raise some money but he still needs help. If you are able, here is a link to his youcaring page. Anything helps

And with that, I leave you with a jam that hasn't left my head for the last 24 hours. Enjoy.

april twenty-fourth, two-thousand and thirteen

As promised, another dutiful blog post. Upon further consideration, I realize I may not have enough news to post every week, but i'll try to hold true to my promise, or at least post some weekly jams and inspirations.

The senior show opening went well! It will be on display for another few weeks. if you're in the area, stop by the HFA gallery.

Here are thumbnails of all the pieces included in the show. To see full images, head over to the facebook page. As time in Morris is coming to a close, I would like to thank all the faculty and neat kids that have influenced me over the last four years. My move to Minneapolis as a real adult is imminent and I couldn't be more excited! Stay updated for news of more gallery shows, commercial work, and a special magazine debut later in June.

I'll leave you with two great jams tonight.
First, in honor of their homecoming, a song by the drum-tastic (sorry) group Polica. The band, as well as other locals Night Moves have been on tour for the last while and tonight played a sold out show at First Avenue. Here is a new track that they debuted last week at Coachella called "Tiff"

And in honor of my new roommate Claire De Lune here is a live video of her group The Chalice performing at the Current.


april seventeenth, two-thousand and thirteen

Welcome to the "blog!" I've gotten with it and updated the content of the site, split my portfolio into two sections--portrait and not-portrait work--and modified the "commissions page." This section will now contain updates and pertinent information about what I'm up to. Feelin' officially dorky.

I have been gearing up for the most important date in my college career thus far: the senior show. It opens tomorrow in Morris, Minnesota.

here's some of the work, printed by the lovely folks over at west photo in minneapolis

The show will be up for almost a month. If you happen to be in the area, stop by the HFA gallery on campus. Otherwise, the photos featured in the show and a couple others will be displayed at a gallery opening I have lined up for mid-June. Stay 'tooned!

For those that keep track of my internet presence, I will continue to display daily photos over at my photography blog and facebook page

Just as a reminder, I am still booking weddings, engagement shoots, and family portraits for this coming warm season. I am always able to pick up miscellaneous work throughout the year as well. Get ahold of me at zprindsflash@gmail.com.

Feelin' a little like Lazerbeak at the moment with the whole blog game going on, I'll end with a tune that's been stuck in my head for days. This is a single off the new album, Grownass Men, by Brian Moen, Phil Cook and Justin Vernon of The Shouting Matches. Superstar Graham Tolbert shot the album cover. Purchase the album in its entirety over at the itunes store.