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Buy-less December (& beyond)

I am not buying anything besides things I need to survive / essentials for the entire month of December. I hope to implement what I learn next month to help resist the pull of capitalism and decrease personal waste that contributes to climate change.


No clothing (new or used) unless somehow, the piles of clothing and shoes burn up in a fire of some sort and I find I have nothing to put on my body when attempting to leave my home. Because this will not happen, I wont be spending a penny on clothing, shoes, or apparel of any kind.

No restaurants. Probably the hardest thing I’ll face on this list.

No toiletries /makeup. I have enough supplies to last me a month at home. If I continue to implement these practices, I will also all current products with bulk or homemade products to reduce my plastic consumption. I’m working on reducing my reliance on makeup in general so after December I will reassess how I can buy less and re-use more of what I absolutely need.

No Christmas presents. So, I’ll come clean, I did all my Christmas shopping early, which was actually part of my impetus to doing this (I felt the weight of buy buy buy). I have all that I need and I’ll make what I don’t.

No books.
No magazines.
No impulse candles or Whole Foods vitamins.
No. Online. Shopping.
No alcohol.
I will be going to Total Wine before the month starts, though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
No Lyft or Uber. For those who know me, this will be hard. Only bussing, biking and, rarely, driving.


Food. Obviously. However, there are rules to this too. Only co-op shopping unless I have no other options. Limiting packaged foods when possible. Always bringing reusable containers and shopping bags. Local, when possible. Only what I need.

Rent, Utilities, bills, phone, insurance, yoga membership. These are all the monthly expenses I have and will keep.

Traveling light.
I’m not traveling in December, but I am in January and February. I plan on using what I learn this December to help prepare me for bringing only what I need and if I need to replace anything, having the skill to replace it myself, or finding environmentally-friendly or bulk items abroad.

Free stuff. Last time I did this, my friends took me out to the bar. A lot. I wont be going to the bar much in December (and hope to keep these outings at a minimum for the future, anyway) but I will treat this case-by-case (family obligations, birthdays etc) I will not be calling my friends, boyfriend, or mom when craving dinner out or something bought. I will take presents during holidays but will generally refuse if it might create plastic or excess trash.


Plastic. I have been trying to create a system of living that uses less plastic. I recycle, I compost, but I still end up throwing away a lot of paper, plastic, and non-recyclable items. I am going to continue to recycle and compost, but I will be taking a look at the non-recyclables I throw out and try to keep most things reusable in my home. This means no paper towels (which is pretty hard for me for some reason), no ziplock bags or to-go containers (besides the ones I already own), garbage bags, food bags, packaged food, etc.

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