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Promotional imagery for band, Stolyette.

Zoe Prinds-Flash
Eaux Claires 2017

It was such fun to be apart of the Eaux Claires photo team again this year. It took a lot of time to whittle down this collection to a group small enough that I felt sure at least some people would scroll all the way through. It was great working with our team this year-- I think we all fed off each others creativity-- which pushed us in directions I don't know that we would pursued alone. I felt like a lot of the performances this year, at least visually, were very thought-provoking. I attempted to be more careful in my compositions and I took fewer photos overall. Intention was on my mind a lot throughout the two days and I hope that comes out in the work.

Please check out the work of fellow photogs-- Graham Tolbert, Montgomery Sheridan, David Szymanski, Charlie Ward, and Scott Kunkel. Here are a selection of photographs taken at this years festival. 

Inquiries regarding leasing or repurposing any images, please contact me via email!

Zoe Prinds-Flash
Brooklyn & Mike

At Brooklyn & Mike's initial meeting with me they told me, point blank, to just "do your thing." Those are three of the best words any client could say. Knowing that I had their complete trust allowed me to follow my intuition which provided a really comfortable mindset during their intimate wedding at Minneapolis's The Bachelor Farmer-- a restaurant whose event space provides endless visual stimulation. These two were up for anything-- even risking jumping outside for a few photos in the rain. Here are some of my favorite images from their day

(complete vendor list at the end)

Venue, Food & Drinks: The Bachelor Farmer
Florist: Groom's mother
Make-Up: Lindsay Dukes Artistry
Cake: Bride's mother
Dress: A and Be bridal

Adrienne & Tony / engagement

Adrienne & Tony hired me for spring engagement photos before I photograph their wedding in November. I loved watching these two get comfortable in front of my camera-- Adrienne nudging Tony into giggling at every turn-- including demonstrating her head-banging technique. I can't wait to be a part of their wedding