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Kayla & James

I've known Kayla most of my life. We grew up in the same neighborhood in SE Minneapolis and we went to all of the same schools up until college. She and her husband (!) James just recently moved back to that same old neighborhood and threw a lovely wedding near to where we went to elementary school. It was heartwarming to watch friends and family from all parts of Kayla and James's life return to a space that held a lot of beginnings, to cheer on the start on a new one. 

The day started off with a lovely service at the family church. While Kayla and James were saying their "I Do's" friends were gathering at the back of the church with signs, horns, drums, and streamers. What followed was a second-line style parade from the ceremony to their reception hall. We followed a path very familiar to those who grew up in Marcy Holmes: along St. Anthony Main's cobblestone path and through a secret thoroughfare behind the Aster Cafe. Folks holding signs that read "one ring to rule them all" and "this is kind of a big deal!" skipped along behind Kayla and James, as others played Kazoo's while the groom himself sported a harmonica.

These two have fun. There is an element of play and genuine tap-your-feet, clap-your-hands joy that emanates out from them and draws people in. So, it was quite fitting that towards the end of dinner, Kayla and James stood up, grabbed a guitar, and performed Randy Newman's classic Toy Story tune, "You've Got a Friend in Me." Faced with a standing ovation, Kayla looked over at James and beamed. 

Thank you Kayla for including me in a special way. And thank you James for making one of my oldest friends truly happy. 

Venue: Minneapolis Event Center
Catering: Brasa, La La Homeade Ice cream
Dress: Lillian West of TLC bridal boutique
Flowers: Stephanie Hagen, Paula Johnson
Rings: Nick Lundeen Jewelry

update: a photo from this wedding was recently published in the Washington Post along with a lovely write-up about how the two fell in love. Click through to read Kayla and James' story!

Zoe Prinds-Flash

Promotional imagery for band, Stolyette.

Zoe Prinds-Flash
Eaux Claires 2017

It was such fun to be apart of the Eaux Claires photo team again this year. It took a lot of time to whittle down this collection to a group small enough that I felt sure at least some people would scroll all the way through. It was great working with our team this year-- I think we all fed off each others creativity-- which pushed us in directions I don't know that we would pursued alone. I felt like a lot of the performances this year, at least visually, were very thought-provoking. I attempted to be more careful in my compositions and I took fewer photos overall. Intention was on my mind a lot throughout the two days and I hope that comes out in the work.

Please check out the work of fellow photogs-- Graham Tolbert, Montgomery Sheridan, David Szymanski, Charlie Ward, and Scott Kunkel. Here are a selection of photographs taken at this years festival. 

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Zoe Prinds-Flash